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I'm a native of Northwest Louisiana. I'm in an official alliance with the living spirit of the Red River, and I work closely with Her for She governs many aspects of my business and work and assists me in manifesting an infinite amount of successes for my clients.

I'm a Conjurer/Hoodoo/Rootworker at heart. I consult my Ancestors for all direction in my spiritual journey. I use plants as medicine to resolve any number spiritual issues and to augment the positive conditions. My particular specialties are in Money, Luck, Sex and Sensuality, Reversal of Misfortune, Curses and Spiritual Warfare, and Justice.

I'm the Consul General and Lord Executioner of the Myriad, the spiritual house of Baba Siete Saudades, His Serene Eminence, where I work to serve my communities in a number of ways and I help the disadvantaged and the abused find balance and power in their lives as well as bringing swift, aggressive justice to people who've been robbed of it.

Ase to the Ancestors who make all things possible.

Ase to the Crossroads Man who opens the way.

Ase to the Njuzu, the Red River, and the water spirits who gives us life.

Water has no enemy.

Mailing Address:

1446 Hawn Ave. #7323

Shreveport, LA 71107


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