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Crown of Success Prayer II 

"There is a Divine Crown that sits upon my head, which glimmers like whirlwinding stars in the black expanse. The Crown above my head sings to the spinsters of time, who tilt fortune in my favor. The Crown above my head shines as the beacon of my prosperity, with its radiance patching holes in my life where there once was lack. There is a Crown above my head that wields my spiritual authority and is a reminder of my ability to speak my dreams into existence, to materialize my every wish, to bring an unrelenting victory to all my efforts. This Crown above my head receives divine wisdom - that I can only manifest success, continuously. It pours wealth over me like a bath of honey. My Crown contains complete ancestral power - and with it their hopes and dreams of my beautiful life, becoming. This Crown is my road opener. My body is my throne and the keeper of my limitless opportunities. There is a Crown of Success that sits upon my head. My ancestors put it there, and the Gods blessed its shine. It cannot be removed. My dreams are not untouchable; therefore, let them take form and bow before me, in all my glory."

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