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Curses, Hexes, and Jinxes

Sometimes known in circles as "baneful magic," these various forms of negative harm upon another being manifest themselves primarily in 3 forms, depending on the nature of the work. We'll briefly review these three concepts and summarize some techniques you can apply to protect yourself.

●Curses — Curses are the strongest and work type of black magic, meant to last a considerably long time (lifetime or generational even). Often a curse can be cast on by a person, place or object and as a result, it brings bad luck, turmoil, strife, and dire circumstances on the intended target and can cause spiritual, physical or external harm. It's normally difficult to remove a curse, as sometimes attempts to do so will actually worsen the experiences of the target trying to remove it. It's no surprise it takes experienced practitioners and powerful rituals to clear these kinds of ailments.

●Hexes — Hexes are, unlike curses, tend to be temporary or with a set duration of time. Often the hex clears up when the intended target learns their lesson or retribution occurs. Hexes will send strong negative energy to a target and focus more on creating internal struggles than external problems or inconveniences. It's easier to remove hexes, as usually a cleansing ritual followed by protective wards will suffice.

Jinxes — Jinxes are smaller stints of baneful magic, that create fairly harmless inconveniences and minor annoyances. They don't decimate a target's week or month like a hex or curse does but they do cause a fair amount of havoc. They can generally be removed with simple cleansing rituals.


-Cleanse your spaces regularly via fumigation, floor washes, sprays, or powders.

-Always have some form of Protection (crystals like tourmaline, home guardians, brick dust, war water, angrlocs root, etc)

-Never leave your taglocks in public, like hair, clothing, tissue, etc. Don't give out your full name to those you don't trust.

-Place a small round mirror outside your front door to reflect evil intentions

-Sprinkle salt in the doorway and windows to keep negativity out

-While sweeping, put cleansing intentions to the task to sweep out bad Vibes and stagnancy.

-Smudge Spray: cinnamon, rosemary, Moon water, black pepper, vinegar


-DNA (saliva, hair, nail clippings, blood, etc)



-Target's name on petition paper

-Signature of target

-Any item belonging to the target


-Waning Moon - Binding

-Dark Moon - Destruction, banishing, justice

-Black Moon - Power, Manifestation

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