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Quick Guide to Using Crown of Success

NOTE: Crown of Success is a multi-purpose condition oil, a road opener to prosperous outcomes in your efforts.

🔸️In academia/school, Crown of Success helps learning material penetrate your mind when wearing before class or burning during studies.

🔸️In employment, Crown of Success assists you in finding, securing and retaining a job. It provides a seemingly countless amount of opportunities for professional success, advancement, sales, obtaining promotions, and bettering your financial benefits. It falters jealousy, gossip and deliberate hindrances against your progress.

🔸️Crown of Success protects from poverty, lack and financial loss. Anoint your pruse, cash, wallets, front doors, and work stations with it often to increase luck and income streams.

🔸️Crown of Success possesses wish-fulfilment power. Open the bottle and whisper your desire, close it and shake. Anoint yourself for 7 days in a row afterward, and then set a 40 day reminder to accomplish the task. Repeat as desired!

🔸️Crown revokes evil, removes blockages around one's finances, and generates the dominating energy of success in every avenue of your endeavors and projects. Wear Crown often, if not every day and find a way to weave it into every single ritual you do, no matter how seemingly simple.

"Crown of Success, open the way for me."

🔸️Apply to the hands and soles of feet to radiate prosperous energy during meetings and interviews.

🔸️If dealing with negativity at work, anoint a black gem like tourmaline with Crown and carry it with you to counteract hatred.

🔸️Do a formal 9 day petition once a month using Crown of Success to ensure your good fortune holds strong. This will break cycles of curses, generational patterns of blockages, and cleanse all spiritual debris in your aura. Daily use of Crown will change your aura to sparkling gold or you will sense golden shimmers in your works.

🔸️When job searching: dress a lodestone with Crown and place into a red drawstring bag. Carry it with while at work or while employment hunting.

🔸️Carve an orange, blue, yellow or white candle with your info (name, birthday). Roll the candle in powdered cinnamon, lavender or lemongrass. Burn it while reading, studying or reviewing.

🔸️Write your own job description. Anoint the four corners and center with Crown of Success and place in a red conjure bag with calendula, a pinch of clove, and a bayleaf. Anoint weekly until your desire materializes.

🔸️Place a drop of Crown on every corner of your WELCOME mat to deflect negative energy and invite joy, luck and blessings.

🔸️If someone owes you money: take a green skull candle, carve their info in the base of the skull. Write the amount owed across the forehead. Dress the candle with Crown of Success and Do As I Say oil (or Bend Over oil). Light the candle, command the person to repay you (in your words) and let the candle burn.

🔸️Blockages Breaker Bath: acquire devils shoestring roots and boil them in water, until the liquid is reduced to half. Strain and let it cool for a few hours. After your bath, pour this infusion over your body and air dry. Apply Crown of Success oil, and repeat this ritual once a month for 3 months.

Get your bottle of Crown of Success!

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