Shi Shi Oil Prayer for Breakthrough

It is my prayer that the heavens are flushed upon you in a wave of brilliance and abundance. That you experience endless breakthroughs, that your obstacles fade into obscurity, that Favor is yours to claim.

I pray that your peace is not quantified or qualifiable. That you exist inside of it. That you breathe with the most divine vibration pushing you forward.

There is no love you cannot have. Your life is full of it. There is no discord you cannot balance. There is no lack from which you will suffer for too long.

The world overflows for you.

May the Ancestors pour honey in all your pots, fill your kitchen with the ripest of fruits. Your purse vomits opportunity. Tell yourself you overflow with wealth - and your wealth will manifest expeditiously.

You are of the Power that is, threaded into godliness. If you want to see the face of God, look in the mirror and your eyes will not betray you. Who are you to say you are not godly? Our first worship is always the worship of Self - remember and honor YOU.

Shi Shi, deliver us from hardship and bring us to glory. Shi Shi, clear our blessings from our enemies and sing them home to us. Shi Shi, remind us how to conquer all unfortunate circumstances. Shi Shi, bring us wealth, ceaseless opportunities for growth, lots of cash and work and vibrant business. Shi Shi, rain down money through heaven's floodgates, to where even our children's children will be fertile with blessings.

Shi Shi, accelerate our victories so we want for nothing but the best life has to offer, through all time.

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