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333 Artisan Oil is made for the Creatives among who live and breathe among us: those who weave stories, who make our jewelry, who paint our portraits, who employ creativity in all the work they do.


To draw upon our power of creation and manifest what’s in our hearts and minds is the highest expression of our individual Divinity. Artisan oil is your muse in a bottle. It plays off the number 333, which has a range of interpretations, but is regarded as harnessing the creative energy of the number 3, intensified. This vibration beckons us to tap into our intuitive gifts and use them in our artistic endeavors. We use this gift to appreciate beauty, develop our aesthetic, and to master our crafts in the highest degree, be it music, color, dance and so on.


If you are an artist in any capacity, use this oil when working. Specifically, it has been formulated to eliminate mental and emotional blockages that hinder us from creating AND sharing our work with the world around us. 333 reminds us the power of unconditional love and service to our fellow human, and we embody this this universal, heart-felt love when we use our artistic talent to uplift and inspire others. Like the number, 333 Artisan oil will inspire emotional growth, cause you to self-reflect and motivate you to create - in service to humanity’s awakening of Divine and Ancestral love.


333 Artisan oil is used to reduce stress, anxiety, apathy, mental cloudiness and nervous tension. These are usually problems blocking our path in creation (think of it as writer’s block, if you will). The herbs and oils used dramatically reduces, calms or outright obliterates these symptoms and puts you in a relaxed, euphoric state so your mind is feels fresh and renewed. More than that, 333 Artisan oil’s formula improves mental clarity and acuity, boosts enthusiasm, optimism, confidence and allows you concentrate and focus more easily. Idea generation becomes an essential component in your work. Don’t be surprised at what concepts your mind chooses to explore when it’s not hindered by anxiety.


Some suggested uses can be: anointing your temples or crown chakra to receive spiritual insight, wisdom, or ideas; anointing your heart chakra when working on concept related to emotions; burning the oil on orange, yellow or white candles in a room or photo yourself/business to promote clear thinking, creativity, success and excitement; anointing your artistic piece/product you wish to share or showcase with a drop or two of oil (avoid using it on fabric as a general rule but display shelves and such things are great!); mix drops into a nice relaxing bath so you can relax and contemplate on your ideas; wear during tradeshows, networking events, brainstorming sessions, or during actual creation.


The actual applications are limitless. You’re an artist – you don’t need instructions, just go have fun. Yes, this is an oil for ALL artists in their infinite forms. If you work in sales and marketing, you can use this oil. If you work in internet technology, you can use this oil. If you knit, you can use this oil. If you need a new product or product line, you can use this oil. If you are a spiritualist, an engineer, an interior designer, a makeup artist, a nail technician, a chef, you can use this oil.


The power of creation touches every last one of us and we express this all uniquely. Here, you will learn to do so without self-limiting beliefs. The thing you create that brings you joy will also bring someone else joy. Stop stalling and start thriving. Sold as a curio.




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