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Sun oil will allow you to work with solar magic and live harmoniously with the solar year, so that you may capitalize on all the spiritual and magical effects it provides. This oil is enhanced with gold fakes for spiritual effects and beauty.


How you use the information below to create your personal spells, rituals, intentions, etc is entirely up to you. Sun oil will be available until May 21


Believe that all things work in Divine perfect timing.

Magical Uses of Sun oil

*When anointing oneself/objects, petitions, and doing spells related to the matters below:

-For physical healing, vitality, regeneration

-For creating peace, harmony, preventing war, fiery spiritual protection

-For recovering lost objects

-For rituals of success, promotions, prosperity/wealth, friendship

-For works related to freedom and individuality; excellent when seeking leadership roles


Magical Energy of Sun Oil

*How the oil’s powers manifest in your life/experiences you’re likely to have:

-Heightened feelings of centeredness, awareness, and optimism

-Harmony with nature and the outside; moments of enlightenment

-Increased quality of life

-Stabilization of family and home/household

-Elevated energy, vitality, pride and power

-Development of self-confidence and personal fulfillment in activities

-Feelings of ambition, joy and generosity ; empowers you into goal-setting


When to Use Sun Oil

*Most effective periods for capitalizing on the oil’s spiritual effects

-During Sunrise: for intentions related to manifesting changes, new beginnings, health employment, renewal, finding the right direction in life

-During Morning: for intentions related to manifesting growth, courage, happiness, building projects/plans, resolutions, idea expansion

-During High Noon: for intentions related to manifesting wisdom/knowledge, physical energy, health, charging crystals

-During Afternoon: for intentions related to manifesting clarity, exploration, clarity, better business matters, communication

-During Sunset: for intentions related to manifesting release/letting go, for removing stress and confusion, discovering the truth of a situation


Other Misc. Spiritual Info for Sun Oil

Number: 6

Element: Fire

Colors: gold, yellow, orange

Day: Sunday

Stones: Citrine, tiger eye

Flowers: any that are sunny yellow, reds, oranges

Tarot: The Sun or Chariot

Sun Oil

$30.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price


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