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Afrodisia is the oil for inciting states of passion and lustiness, an aspect ourselves that is easily abandoned when under stress or physically exhausted or if you struggle to enjoy intimacy. It removes the emotional, psychological, and spiritual ailments that interfere with our desire and to inflame them instead.

Afrodisia will awaken the hunger for pleasure. It alleviates fear of how we look, of our ability to perform, and of our past experiences and overrides these issues by letting you become swept up in pleasurable sensations and indulgences. Applying to your neck, ankles and wrists will assist you in feeling synergized.


Afrodisia challenges you to become more communicative about your pleasures, so your partner(s) are more informed about how to meet your needs.

Because Afrodisia is calming and balancing, you can use it in rituals unblocking emotional issues associated with romance (frigidity, low libido, performance anxiety, etc). It supports a deeper connection to Self and to your partner. Rub some on your tummy/sacral chakra to supercharge your self-esteem and prolong stamina. It's sharp, so a little bit goes a long way.


Suggestions to use Afrodisia:


-Wear on your neck when spending time with a Lover and say thoughtful, passionate things to them

-Give a romantic massage using a massage oil and a few drops of Afrodisia to encourage arousal

-Burn on red tealights in your bedroom during sex to eroticize the atmosphere and heighten your sensual experiences

-Add to a personal footwash to draw passion into your bedroom. Use as a handwash when you will be touching the one you admire.

-Feed your sex or love gris gri

-Anoint any accessories you want to charm with your intentions.

-Add 10-15 drops into a love drawing floorwash with a focus on your bedroom

-Anoint the bottom of any dish/tray where you are serving food to your Lover

-Rub a few drops of oil into your favorite sexy leather belt the next time you are dressed in a flattering outfit

-Use on yourself whenever you become self-critical to revoke those thoughts/words.

Afrodisia Oil



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