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When it comes to petitioning for changes in your life, you can add Aquarius oil to your rituals and tools to swiftly send your desires out into the world and have them realized. 

As a conduit for inspiration and revolutionary transformations, Aquarius oil governs our thought processes, protects our psychic health, and improves our communication skills and emotional boundaries. This works through the oil’s herbs, which quiet the mind from ferreting thoughts, and substitute them with feelings of peace, reflection, and a childish joy. It helps direct more laughter into your day.
Aquarius oil connects us to Spirit and takes our desires from the mental plane to the physical one. You can wear Aquarius oil at night before bed if you wish to shield from nightmares and get restful sleep. 

To stimulate prophetic visions/dreams, wear on the temples and third eye. If necessary, keep a dream journal to glean for potential messages. If you have a gris gris for dream protection, you can feed it with Aquarius oil. You can also add it to a homemade room spray to spritz in spaces of extreme emotions, anxiety, anger, apprehension or to “clear up confusion.”
Aquarians are sponges for knowledge and logic, but also philosophy and ideas. Wear or burn the oil on yellow or white candles during periods of study to augment your learning. This will help enhance your memory and give stronger luck on exams. Study strategically in short, scheduled bursts when using Aquarius oil, given its ability to make us daydream and have wanderlust. 

Allowing the mind to gently work on solutions to a problem is an inherent asset of this condition oil. It calls upon the power of Air to remove our mental obstructions and let thoughts flow freely and divinely through us. It’s a road opener oil for knowledge, information, and truth.
In order to leave favorable impressions on others (such as a job interview), Aquarius oil adds eloquence to your words and voice. This comes in handy if you want to give a warm, humoring presentation or immerse in engaging conversations and topics. It also provides psychic shields, a necessary element of spiritual protection for people who are activists or say and do revolutionary things. Aquarius oil encourages us to use logic and be firm, but malleable, with our beliefs and ideas.
You can use Aquarius oil for any of the following petitions or workings at a minimum: happiness, good fortune/business, communication, education, new beginnings, freedom, travel, and networking opportunities.

Aquarius oil

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