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Burnout oil has been created to help you navigate the confusing, often chaotic and consuming symptoms of burnout and exhaustion. When we are overworked and under chronic stress, we find ourselves often frustrated, cynical, depressed, tired, or even hopeless. We may lose interest in our hobbies and negativity seems to linger around you like a dark hissing cloud. Burnout oil gently alleviates those symptoms during the course of each application. You can often feel it restoring your energy levels in about 30-45 minutes after wearing on your skin, and you’ll find rubbing it on multiple pulse points will supply you with more energy. Where appropriate, it may also be helpful to use on orange and yellow candles when you are working, concentrating, and studying or doing any task that requires focus and mental stimulation. The formula for this oil also gives you relief from more depressive episodes of burnout, and in such cases, more frequent use over a few short days is often enough to pull you out of the slump. The scent is specifically uplifting to your mind and spirit while it works to cool hotheadedness and anxiety – the kind of “heart palpitation” of anxiety that seems to be especially pervasive to toxic work environments. You may notice your thoughts become clearer; you may feel more inspired to complete your personal goals and objectives; and that the heaviness inside of you dries out. You can combine Burnout with a protective, victory-seeking oil such as Crown of Success or Shi Shi to maximize the potential of your efforts.An interesting but notable effect of Burnout oil after use is it feels like your “energetic” body begins to wake up, and the rest of you starts to feel reinvigorated after about an hour, giving you whatever push you need to get through your day. It also reduces overall stress even over short-term use and quiets negative thoughts and feelings. It’s imbued with prayers to assist in bringing you joy and making you feel considerably more emotionally balanced. If you are feeling burned out, start conducting regular spiritual cleansings or purification rituals to keep these imbalances at bay or eliminated altogether. If not addressed, they can build up and become blockages that manifest as closed roads and other types of crossed conditions – so keep your streets clean, if you know what I mean. Always take time to care for yourself, too. You DO matter. Other Potential Ideas for Use:-To focus the mind during meditation or trance states-For strength to end toxic relationships and recover from them-Light a refreshing candle-To anoint the bottom of a glass of drinking water-When stretching the body (pulse points will suffice)-Practicing new skills (try the temples)-Anointing your "to-do" list If you know someone is having a rough time, set out a white light with Burnout oil for them and say your prayers.

Burnout Oil



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