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Capricorn oil is an industrious one that inspires a deep sense of hard work, creating structures, assuming leadership and stabilizing our hard-earned coins. It grants us the power of Elegance to add to our social charms and personal tastes.

One of Capricorn’s oil primary functions is to work as a “financial-uncrossing” oil, targeted with the appropriate herbs geared towards clearing out obstructions from our financial imbalances and income streams. 

Capricorns are about their hustle and their careers and do not remain stuck for long in places where they are stagnant. Therefore, you can use Capricorn oil in petitions to stimulate long-term career development/advancement opportunities that bring financial security because truly, these goats will headbutt their way through absolutely any obstacle when it comes to money.
When applied gently on the temples, Capricorn oil sharpens one's thought processes when it comes to actually initiating plans and executing them. It will assist you in finding ways to maximize your time and productivity so you can collect a fatter check. 

Your work endurance will increase, allowing you to work longer when necessary, achieved by the grounding effects of the formula. The one sin a Capricorn won’t tolerate is wasting time – if there’s work around, it’ll draw your attention to any incomplete projects.

This oil is the TASKMASTER. If you’re struggling to get chores done around the house, burn Capricorn oil on a tealight in every room that needs tending to and while working in the room, set a timer for 10 minutes a room. This exercise with Capricorn oil will streamline your work methods over time, allowing you just a little more free time to follow your own pursuits.  

Additionally, the oil gently removes distractions, even the ones in our minds, to focus on the task at hand.

If you work in finance or handle large sums of money often, apply a drop of Capricorn oil in your hands before work to protect yourself from mismanagement, reduce error rates and loss/theft, and to enhance the cashflow you are touching (especially if it is for you). 

When you pray/petition for monetary windfalls, you can write a blank check to yourself and anoint with Capricorn oil and burn a gold candle on top of it. Or you may be moved to do a standard 9 day petition using a green candle or a purple one for wealth. The payoff will be what you put in – Capricorn does not do risk without reward, so when manifesting for big blessings, you’ll need to map strategies to meet your goals.

Capricorn oil is a master of ushering in stability across the buzz of your daily life. Wear when working and you need to delegate tasks, sharpen focus and to deflect interruptions or scheduling issues. 

To stabilize your emotions, rub regularly around the heart or mix into body ointments/creams or rub on the heels of your feet. If you need to stabilize the energy of your home, add drops into your floorwash and mop or anoint your doors and windows. 

To stabilize your income, apply Capricorn oil on checkbooks, on bills, on your business materials, on a job description for a new position, on bank statements and any other items that help you generate long-term financial benefits. Write down a spending habit you wish to break (ex. “no impulse buying at checkout”), anoint, and burn the oil on  a white light for 13 days.Of course, these are always just some suggestions, so feel free to use in ways that make sense to you and work for your situation and environment. I enjoy seeing the masterful ways in which you all create miracles.

Capricorn oil is an oil for the ambitious. It tells you that your dreams and objectives are not intangible, not mere wispy thoughts floating in the wind but can be manifested in practical, consistent and methodical ways.

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