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Cleansing oil can be used for daily and intermediate maintenance of your spiritual hygiene. Used regularly, this oil will help you eliminate baggage and psychic residue you carry throughout the day to reduce the chances of later unintentionally creating blockages in our lives. If you find yourself having an unaffirming day, encountering negative intention and energies, miscommunications, or even a bit of bad luck, Cleansing oil will remove the debris. It’s excellent to add to your laundry cycle or body washes as an extra layer of protection and peace.Cleansing oil pairs well with people who need to actively work on clearing out negative self-thinking and dissipating feelings of gloom. If you've experienced a challenging or stressful day, this oil will unlink that funky energy from you and so all negative effects do not accumulate with you the following day and over time.

Cleansing Oil



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