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Enchantrix oil is a spiritual love-drawing oil empowered by the summer beauty of flowers in my garden. It can be used in all your general love workings/spells, and the oil increases your charisma, sex appeal and overall attractiveness.


The effects of Enchantrix oil are extensive. Bear in mind that when applying it, the oil can be used in situations to gain new friends, improve your social standing, attract a mate, or strengthen your current relationship or marriage.


One of Enchantrix oil’s major properties is to create an air of domestic peace and tranquility through your home. It may be used to break controlling spells/people and in other works that are anti-sorcerous. Enchantrix can help you “break the ice” in any given social event or gathering as you find people will inexplicably navigate to you. Never worry about making the first move.


In addition, apply Enchantrix oil to enhance the quality of your dreams and strengthen your psychic abilities. By doing so, you’ll find that Enchantrix oil is a remedy for also moderating anger and by driving away hostile spirits and influences, it can transform the negative energy in your life into benedictions.




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