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Follow Me Bae is an oil designed to take control of a relationship (sexual, business, etc), to be irresistible, and rule the target of your desire. Use Follow Me Bae oil to summon a loyal and generous lover who has eyes for only you. Follow Me Bae oil can be applied on the palms and soles, in candlework (purple to give yourself power, pink for a lover), love mojos, poppets, sachets, and other aggressive love spells.

Follow Me Bae oil is also used to attract wealthy men and to attract paying clients to businesses. Follow Me Bae oil is also great for exotic dancers and other workers for manifesting high-paying male clients.

Follow Me Bae oil guards your aura against the spiritual, magical, and psychic attack from other witches, or any other negative entities, or energies.

Follow Me Bae oil designed to increase sexual freedom, boost confidence, and promote self love. Follow Me Bae oil also breaks love spells, and also can bind lovers, and make you become irresistible to those you wish to capture.

Follow Me Bae

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