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This protection oil is designed to purify and protect and strengthen spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and magical defenses. Anoint your body, candles, petition papers or entrances of your home. Apply as often as you feel is needed.Galactic Protection oil is an all around defensive oil against all kinds of forces and happenings. When applied bodily, it removes any negativity picked up that day and turns those bad vibes into dust. It's excellent for wearing at the beginning of the day to erect emotional and spiritual wards around yourself, especially if you'll be working in more demanding environments or with such people. Galactic Protection can be used in money rituals where you seek to protect your cash or investments from loss or going in the red. Rub a little oil on your billfold or purse to guard your money. If you want to protect your home, guard  your house with this oil on a Tuesday by anointing the front door and the window sills and all the thresholds. When doing candle or lamp work with this oil, pray for protection against harmful, destructive and wicked energies, intentions and entities and ask that you are divinely shielded from such influences.You may also use this oil to protect yourself against psychic vampires and emotional leeches who you find drain the life force from you. Galactic Protection will draw a ppwerful barrier around you that deflects any such assaults. A prayer for protection:"Ancestors, I call to you, those bonded to me in love and blood. Hear me call to you from the earth and be present with me. Protect me from the forces of harm and misfortune. Transmute attacks against me into good luck. Fortify me from misfortune, from disease and illness, and secure my blessings that my enemies my not take them. Shield me from gossip, lies, and slander. Remove any and all negativity, mal occhia, and ill will against me and my loved ones and spin them into opportunities. May it be so."

Galactic Protection



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