Heartbreak is a bitch.

That churning in your stomach, the way your heart pounds relentlessly so, as though it would slip right out of your throat. The internalized confusion and sometimes the insurmountable anger and grief.

It's okay. It will be anyway.

The Heartbreak Ritual is performed for 5 days in order for you to begin moving forward with spiritual closure. There is a special condition oil used to dress the candles for alleviating the feelings of emptiness, anxiety and sadness associated with being broken up with and wrapping you in courage, empowerment and emotional balance. 

You may use this ritual on any situation that induces heartbreak, not just romantic ones. Other cases may be: getting fired or demoted, loss of a friendship, loss of a loved one either in death or for personal reasons, and so forth.

The first 2 days are centered on severing your connections with the other person, especially focused on killing toxic traits you may have absorbed from that relationship. A reversal is also performed here for you. 

Days 3-4 may be a little more difficult because this period is for "patching you up" and me speaking healing, elevation, fortitude, and love into your spirit. So if you felt "heavy" the first 2 days, you'll find it starts to lighten here. 

The 5th day is focused on drawing blessings into your life and turning you towards facing and embracing change. You should start feeling more confident in yourself, even if it still hurts, but healing is not linear to begin with. You may request for particular blessings or leave the decision up to me, either is suitable. Your petition will be taken to the Red River with an offering.

You will be given an affirmation to speak at least once a day prior to bed during this ritual or before you leave the house for the day. You may use the affirmation as much as you want for comfort.

Please know you will make it through troubling times💓

Heartbreak Healing Ritual


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