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I AM is a holy oil used primarily for transgender & non-binary concerns, which include attracting "queer" partners, deterring harassment and violence, opening roads to good fortune, and inspiring pride. I AM oil harmonizes your feminine and masculine energies by having strong, unifying effects on the throat and heart chakras.

I AM oil opens the flow of love, and it will help you become more affectionate towards others. Its uplifting, euphoric energy will eliminate blocks for those who have difficulties showing love and affection openly.

Blessings of I AM oil

⭐️Flow of infinite abundance

⭐️Divine protection

⭐️Peace and positivity

⭐️Attracting good things, good fortune

⭐️Home blessings

The holy power of I AM oil makes it capable of removing all jinxes, evil eye, curses, paranoia, draining karmic cords, agreements and attachments, as well as incubus/succubus entities. The Divine protection of I AM oil dissolves malicious, toxic, disruptive energies from the minds, hearts, bodies, soul, auras and spirits of those in its possession.

I AM oil assists with busting through blockages, raising energetic vibrations, and stopping self-sabotage and self-destructive habits, behaviors and limiting mindsets.

I AM oil connects with your core through your senses, emotions and spirit to raise the vibration within and around you to manifest your needs, purpose, and desires into reality.

I AM oil is highly effective on the heart and throat chakras, as it instills insight and clear vision, allowing acceptance and faith to flow through the heart and mind.

⭐️I AM oil can be added to bath for ritual bathing, intention bath, cleansings.

⭐️I AM oil can be added to water to make a wash for doors, floors, walls.

⭐️Place a few drops of I AM oik onto a cotton ball or cloth and place in personal space, in vehicle.

⭐️Rub I AM oil onto crystals, jewelry, talismans, amulets or other personal belongings.

I AM Oil



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