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If “sugar daddy” oil could meet a “business success” oil and had a baby called “love for prospering,” this would be Link Up! Oil. Link Up can be used by those searching for well-off financial suitors, romantic and/or business related. This is the prime oil when you are looking for business opportunities and love connections to wealthy partners.In business matters such as networking events, use this to attract potential people who could become high-end clients, investors, or donors. Wearing this oil while interacting with such people will help leave a favorable impression of you to them. You may want to rub this oil on business cards and in your hands when meeting someone for the first time. Include this oil with petitions for more money where major career shifts are concerned.Link Up! is an oil that makes you enticing to others. You may find that people will consider you interesting, intriguing, and will become more invested in your thoughts and ideas. The herbs in this oil are geared towards forming and sustaining relationships.In romantic and sexual matters, this oil is used in rituals and workings to draw the attention wealthy of men and women for you or for bringing stable partners who’re more focused on actually building and sustaining wealth. For sex workers, the oils works subtly to seduce clients into tipping more and spending more money overall. The sultry scent will make others drunk with desire off your presence. Sold as a curio.

Link Up!



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