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Mars oil brings spiritual protection, courage, and power to your life.


Just in time for the Mars Retrograde at the end of October!



*When anointing oneself/objects, petitions, and doing spells related to the matters below


-Mars oil is the quintessential spiritual protection oil for excelling to victory in your every battle. It enhances physical power, magical energy and success to your protection rituals. Use in 9 and 13 day rituals aimed at breaking curses or hexes. Add drops to war water jars and other container-type works.


-Mars oil helps you manage your energy levels and assess how effectively you're spending that energy. Ritual candles for purification, banishing, reversing or annullingshould use Mars.


-Anoint your gris gris, amulets, crystals, blades, and sacred protective symbols with Mars oil  to periodically reinforce their power. Wear Mars oil routinely on the heart chakra to strengthen resolve and eliminate fear. Incorporate its use into any risky endeavor for extra luck.


-(For wielding power) Wear on your throat to enhance your authority over others. Anoint yourself head to toe to radiate complete dominance in a room of people. Wear around your crown to block/deflect intrusive thoughts, psychic attacks and mental warfare.


-Use Mars oil in rituals for arousing lust passion, sexual potency and for paying attention to your sexual health. Headaches fall under the influence of Mars, so apply it to your temples and neck when seeking relief from them.



*How the oil's powers may manifest in your life experiences


-Mars oil develops your assertiveness and confidence, allowing you to set boundaries with others and enforce them with aggression.


-You may experience renewed interest or success in matters of politics, sexuality, and logic. If your are in a struggle of any kind, Mars oil will bring swift and unblinking change into the situation.


-Increases the charismatic side of our nature so that we interact effortlessly with others.


🔥Misc. Spiritual Info for Mars Oil🔥

Number: 5

Element: Fire

Zodiac: Aries

Colors: red, orange, yellow

Day: Tuesday

Stones: ruby, garnet



Link in comments! It will be available until first week of December!

Mars Oil

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