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Mother Earth oil attracts money and financial stability and manifests successful completion of your protections and dreams. This oil attunes you to the energies of the Earth when planting, tending, and harvesting to have a fruitful yield.

Mother Earth oil can invoke your development of prosperity, material luxury, and your ability to make money. It can also be applied for petitions or spells related to fertility, house blessing, and success in the agricultural and architect industries.

Mother Earth oil provides us with grounding and defense. It helps us to realign our psychic and spiritual powers, attract good fortune, and dispel negative vibrations or low frequencies.

Wear Mother Earth oil when gardening and a little on your ankles or feet when grounding. See the shimmering green link between you and the Earth, stemming from your feet and traveling through all your chakras and out of the extremities.

Apply Mother Earth oil to your business stationery, rub down your cash, anoint your gardening pots (non-plastics), anoint coins and bury them on your property, add to protection mojos, and in other ways that suit your manifesting goals.

All candle colors are appropriate for Mother Earth oil. Use the color that corresponds to your desire and tailor your prayer to match.

Use as often as needed, whenever you feel light and airy, or in distress!

Good luck! Happy gardening!

Mother Earth



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