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What better way to end the Zodiac cycle than with the gentle and graceful energy of Pisces oil carrying our hopes and desires on its fins and bringing them to the Ocean of Abundance. Pisces oil governs and enhances our psychic abilities and intuitive gifts, to make us more perceptive and malleable in our thoughts.


Pisces oil also governs the world of our dreams because its formula includes wish-realizing ingredients and it taps into our primal manifesting power. Use Pisces oil as a stand-alone manifesting oil to simply lend an extraordinary amount of power to your prayers, affirmations and intentions to speed them into existence. You can use it in any dream ritual, to lull yourself to sleep, and to comfort you during dreams. After all, the Fish govern cycles of death and rebirth and the oil is aligned to help us bear fruit from our creative endeavors. It is formulated to grant blessings to those who pursue any of their artistic endeavors and puts to rest to unnecessary fears and anxieties.


Pisces oil fills us with a firm confidence and inner beauty by inspiring kindness and compassion in us and through our environment. Speaking of beauty, you can use Pisces oil in any of your beauty and illusion rituals. Who better a master of disguise than Fish? The oil can also be used in workings to enhance affection and deepen romance or to attract spiritually pure love. It also assists us in relaxing the heart and throat chakra, so we can feel more deeply and speak more lovingly. You’re likely to feel patient when wearing this oil, even if you’re not that way by nature.


Spritz a little Pisces oil on your pillow to induce prophetic dreaming or to get glimpses of potential new lovers (if you are searching, state your intention). You can also dab it on your third eye during meditation or during psychic readings to strengthen your intuitive powers. In this way, you may notice it brings you to a state of feeling transcendent. Pisces oil has intensely soothing energy, which makes it an excellent spiritual tool for restoring our psychic and energetic health when in crises or deep levels of heartbreak or mourning.


Pisces oil will find ways to affirm and validate you. You can also use it to protect yourself or a loved one traveling through large bodies of water. Do not shy from using a little Pisces oil on any workings you do for abundance because there are plenty of fish in the sea, indeed, and water can be incredibly generous.


Other ideas for using Pisces oil:

-Anoint your bedroom door to protect the room from bad dreams and promote restful sleep. Apply on a larger scale to the doors and windows of the home if in distress or to promote joy, peace, and imagination.


-Use when needing to be more emotionally supportive or nurturing or play such roles (therapist, caseworker, childcare, nursing/caretaking, etc).


-Use a drop or two to bless any of your psychic objects or sacred tools prior to use.


-Burn on candles around the home to promote peace and calm

Pisces Oil

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