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Queen of Victory oil is the perfect reversal choice for anyone looking for a way to return curses, slander, and other negative energies to their sender. Queen of Victory specializes in reversing negative energy that has been intentionally or unintentionally sent your way. It also reverses old patterns; ways of thinking; transforms misfortune into admiration; reverses a curse back to your enemy; returns slander to its source; returns evil to its source.

Queen of Victory oil lets you break free from the grip of negative energy and remove curses and hexes. It is designed to help you break through the obstacles that have been placed in your path, remove a jinx, and return sorcery and dark magic to its originator.

Queen of Victory oil is a potent blend of 9 liberating herbs stagnant, malevolent energy that bogging you down. Use this reversal oil to anoint yourself, your space, or your tools during your uncrossing rituals or whenever you feel the need to cleanse your energy.

The oils and herbs used in Queen of Victory oil are energetically aligned with removing evil and malefic spells, hexes and low vibrating energies. It turns the attack back to the sender or source and creates a protective barrier for you, your family and home.

Use Queen of Victory oil to remove love spells, break domination, and have freedom from oppression.

Red and black reversal candles remove negative energy tied to relationships, people, and dark influence. Use of this candle in the midst of someone else attempting to control or manipulate you. Burn these once a month (first Tuesday) for protection!

There are several steps to effectively using Queen of Victory with candles to reverse a spell or send intentions back, often including writing the name of the sender on the candle, using specific days of the week (Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday) or moon phases (waning), etc.

**Use Queen of Victory with suggested reversal candles**:

Green and Black: To reverse bad luck in money and business.

Red and Black: To reverse a love jinx or bad luck in romance.

White and Black: To reverse bad luck in health or wellbeing.

Black candle with red interior: Reveal hidden truths.

Queen of Victory



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