Red Brick dust is one of the oldest form of spiritual protection in Conjure. Traditionally, the dust is scrubbed on your front stepsto ward off evil, curses, and negativity or scrubbed inward to draw money (mixes great with cinnamon). 

Placing a line across the threshold of your door will work just as well to repel malevolent forces at play. Red brick dust can be sprinkled into floorwashes to help with cleansing your home or business or when you're trying to juju your business to bring in more sales and customers.

Additionally, I think it's important to consider where your red brick came from - as it may additional inherent properties that you can use towards certain aims (such as using red brick from a from a long-running business to bring financial stability or longevity into your life). 

You can also sprinkle red brick around the perimeter of your home to ward off thieves. If you live in a smaller place, such as an apartment, you may want to put a line of dust on your windowsills to put a barrier of protection around your living quarters. 

Red brick is also associated with luck, so it is also good for using in mojos and other charms or rituals used for generating quick and solid fortune. Comes in an 6oz bottle. Sold as a curio.

Red Brick Dust


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