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Red River Van Van is reknown for its ability to open new doors, bring success, and help clear away evil and obstacles. If you feel you've had enough and nothing goes your way, Red River Van Van Oil can help give you a fresh start! It can also help change bad luck to good luck. It's also known to provide protection from negativity and unwanted influences such as the evil eye.

Red River Van Van empowers you to embrace the magic of your own life. Red River Van Van enhances your relationships, improves communication with those around you, and clears the path to abundance and prosperity. Red River Van Van oil has a variety of uses that allow you to connect with the universe and draw upon its energy to manifest your intentions and dreams.

Red River Van Van works best with candle rituals, and it is usually anointed on orange or yellow candles. It is a very powerful oil to use to petition a saint.

Red River Van Van Oil can also be used to anoint talismans, mojo bags, and your altar. You may also wear Red River Van Van Oil or use it in a spiritual bath. It's great to put on important documents such as loan applications, bank statements, resumes, and even business cards. Dab a bit in the heel of your shoes or put it directly on some cash and keep it in your wallet. Place a few drops on a sponge and rub down your front door. Dab a few drops into a fresh bowl of water and keep it under your bed.

If you use a jar candle in your spell ritual, put a few drops of Red River Van Van Oil on your fingers and anoint the candle by running the oil around the wick in a clockwise direction.

⭐️Other Ways to Use Red River Van Van:⭐️

-You may use this oil as an anointing aid for your tools, yourself, and/or candles.

-Place a few drops behind the ears, your neck, wrists, etc and state your mantras.

-You can also add a few drops of oil to sachets, and on cotton balls to place under pillows.

-Anoint self, tools, and candles for protection before any spell work. Wear afterwards either on skin or amulets to continue protection.

-Anoint your doorways, windowsills for protection from harmful energy.

-Dab on yourself before performing spell work to protect you from baneful energy.

This version of the traditional Hoodoo Van Van oil is additionally imbued with the essence of and blessed by the Goddess of the Red River for turning bad luck into good fortune. As such, this specific blend of Van Van is aimed at purification and clearing out evil among other conditions.

Here locally, the Red River is associated with thriving business and commerce, so this oil is excellent for work in entrepreneurship, financial luck, strong and steady success, abundance, and generating romance in one’s life because of the Red’s popularity in being a haven for love and (all) matters requiring relationships of some sort.

Red River Van Van



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