Under spirital attack? This service focuses on not only breaking hexes thrown at you, but also rebounding them on your attacker while layering you in protection. 

Believe it or not, spiritual attack can come in many forms: bullying (workplace or elsewhere), disparaging remarks, character assassination, evil eye, petty jealousy, sorcery, emotional and verbal harassment, and even people wishing harm or failure upon your efforts.

Signs of spiritual attack may include blockages in some area of your life (like romance or money), stagnancy, emotional distress, financial misfortune, consistent and potential life threatening accidents, anxiety attacks and depression, nightmares, unsual sicknesses or bouts of it, fragments in your relationships with others. It can be one or many of these symtpoms, and this is where you call for reversal assistance to break the hold these conditions have over your life and give your enemies the very poison they tried to serve you. 

This is a 9-day ritual. When requesting this service, please leave at least your full name and date of birth (and any other identifying info you wish) in the notes section of your purchase. Reversal work usually begins within 24 hours of purchase.

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