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Receive a FREE Fiery Wall of Protection oil with this order!

Still feeling stuck? Did you do all the cleansing and blockbuster rituals, all the money and love drawing work - but it still seems like you're in a ditch? Have you been Uncrossing yourself but find that there are trace effects still popping up in your life, causing interferences? Do you still feel you need a stronger, more aggressive protection around you?

You have 3 options for a Ring of Fire plan:



-family-$75 (3-4 individuals)

The Ring of Fire Ritual is used to burn away all lingering and unhealthy ties and residual negative energy that may still be working against you. This phenomenon is something I've experienced on occasion and this working helped me overcome enormous blockages and pave new paths to opportunity and protection for me.

This is a one-time ritual, intensely focused on prayers customized to eliminating whatever your particular concerns are. In addition, this ritual builds in fiery and protective barriers around you to shield from intimidation, negative energies, and people working adversely against you.

Ring of Fire can be used as a recommended prevention ritual and in Uncrossing you from current woes and spiritual attack.

All candles are dressed with an admixture of my condition oils, as determined by the individual and what my ancestors select for the job.

No two Rings of Fire are the same. Some people's Rings may require lots of reversal and protection oils while someone else's may require oils for strength, peace, or even road openers.

I suggest this ritual be done at least twice a year as we are all prone to spiritual wear-and-tear and should periodically refortify our defenses.

In the NOTES of the transaction, please leave your full name and date of birth if it is for you and a brief reason you need the Ring of Fire. Do the same if it is dedicated for someone else. You can also use a photo/selfie instead. You'll be given a photo or video of your service after it is complete, usually after about 48 hours.

FOR THE COUPLES RING OF FIRE:Please include: your full names and birthdates or an "ussie" photo. This is great for anniversaries, weddings or general protection/blessings. You can dedicate this to another couple if desired. You may include your anniversary or wedding date info also. Prayers can be directed towards wellbeing, protection, healing, good fortune, joy, etc. While no relationship is perfect, please exercise good judgement here.


This is for 3 or 4 individuals maximum. In the NOTES, please provide full names and birthdates for everyone getting this service instead of photos. While this may be considered a "family" package, you can purchase as a group deal for yourself and 2 friends (or some variation of this).I'm here to support you ritually if you can't do it alone.🔥

Ring of Fire



Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Ring of Fire
Save $5.00
$31.00every month until canceled
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