Still feeling stuck? Did you do all the cleansing and blockbuster rituals, all the money and love drawing work - but it still seems like you're in a ditch? Have you been Uncrossing yourself but find that there are trace effects still popping up in your life, causing interferences? Do you still feel you need a stronger, more aggressive protection around you?

The Ring of Fire Ritual is used to burn away all lingering and unhealthy ties and residual negative energy that may still be working against you. This phenomenon is something I've experienced on occasion and this working helped me overcome enormous blockages and pave new paths to opportunity and protection for me.

This is a one time ritual intensely focused on prayers customized to eliminating whatever your particular concerns are. In addition, this ritual builds in fiery and protective barriers around you to shield from intimidation, energies, and people working adversely against you. Ring of Fire can be used as a recommended prevention ritual and in work for Uncrossing you from current woes and spiritual attack. 

A photo of you or the person you're purchasing the service for is strongly suggested. A full name and date of birth can be used in its place. You'll be given a photo or video of your service within 24 hours of purchase.

Uncrossing work can sometimes be a little scary or confusing, but I'm here to support you ritually if you can't do it alone.🔥

Ring of Fire


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