Sagittarius oil’s arrival with its season helps us remain connected to the vibrant communal energy of the holidays! Sagittarius is an oil that governs all aspects of joy, with a focus on summoning new friendships, enhancing our capacities to give and receive endless platonic love and kinship. This is a quintessential relationship oil, but not one that is focused on drawing romance and sexual passions and marriage.
Sagittarius oil brings happiness from the inside out and it helps you find reasons to continue to be happy.
This is an oil that incites you to be daring and bold, to be overtaken by the spirit of adventure and travel (and to have those roads literally opened for you), and to make you the starlight in your social spaces.
Sagittarius people love to party and have a good time and can effortlessly make new friends because of their warm and optimistic expressions – attributes that are present in the formula for Sagittarius oil.
Wear when you desire people to be more receptive and pleasant to you, and it can make a great asset for right before job interviews. Anoint a copy of your professional headshot with Sagittarius oil when you’re wanting employers or clients to look favorably upon you. You can also rub some oil on the outside doorknob of your place of business (or your house) so that people entering will become more friendly.
Smiling is a powerful and disarming form of defensive magic.
If you’re a nervous type or have trouble connecting with others, wear Sagittarius oil to bolster your confidence and leave favorable impressions. You may notice that people smile at you more (or that you do so yourself), life becomes generally funnier and more engaging, and that you feel inclined to socialize or experience wanderlust.
If you’re making travel plans, burn Sagittarius oil on a green or yellow candle when searching for ticket deals, fuel savings, hotel offers and other travel-related expenses. Pray that you are made instantly aware of any cost-effective deals during your journeys.
If you’re working through periodic stints of anxiety, stress or depression, one suggestion is to apply Sagittarius oil over your entire body after a warm bath or shower to lift your spirit. You may even feel pleasant tingles stirring from your sacral chakra. This will help reinspire you if you are feeling stuck in certain aspects of life.
You may also burn the oil on plain white tealights in rooms where gloom and stagnancy feel heavy - along with the stern, brief ringing of a bell to drive out negative energy. You may also wear it during cut and clear rituals, in states of grief, or moving on from heartbreak. Sagittarius oil makes you look at the future with hope and its fire clears out emotional residues left by our familial relationships, including business relationships.
Another technique to lift emotional heaviness: when applying Sagittarius oil, pray to your ancestors and spirits to bring you 100 little joys to get you through your rough patch. And take note of all the synchronicities they send you after your request. Sagittarius oil wants us to have a reason to smile, to be fully liberated in ourselves even for a moment, and it will aim and fire as many happy-making occurrences as you request it to.
Sagittarius oil also brings inspiration and wonderment. You may find joy in questioning things you believe, fears you hold, or be ridden with a desire to go on a “quest”. This may be in the form of pursuing a hobby, taking interest in self-development/self-care routines, going to therapy, quitting bad habits for good ones, becoming charitable or philanthropic (and become receptive to generosity), planning parties and dinners, taking road trips and flights. Life is an adventure – Sagittarius oil has an endless amount of them waiting for you.
This oil will be available until December 22nd.

Sagittarius Oil

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