There are two kinds of Separation rituals I offer:

OPTION 1: Parting Ways Sweetly ($40)

This ritual is a 9 day ritual focused on separating two individuals over time in a gentle process as not all situations require force or aggression. You may also use these rituals for yourself when leaving another person.

What are some reasons to do a petition for Separation?
1. Infidelity and cheating, which brews feelings of resentment, rage and sometimes vengeance. If this is a reason, your ritual and prayers will include workings towards emotional healing, blessings and empowerment. 

2. Stagnancy and staleness in your relationships. This is also good for those who are seeking to end a relationship or friendship because there is simply no more emotional investment, growth, or there is toxicity that simply cannot be resolved. Your petition here is focused a little more on severing those attachments and moving on. 

3. Sometimes you just want the process to be as smooth as possible for the parties involved, so the work in this ritual aims to maintain peace and resolve, allowing you to move and act quickly to end these ties. 

OPTION 2: Break It Up, Bitch ($48)

This is an aggressive souring ritual/jar meant to sow seeds of discord, confusion, arguments and tear relationships apart via backbiting and bad luck. This is especially the case when dealing with toxic relationships. 

Many people aim to sour connections between certain coworkers, for example, that have been harassing or antagonizing them at work because nobody likes a dick boss or office bully. You can add all the necesssry perpetrators you need alongside your petition. The ritual will include a cursing prayer and a prayer for your protection and the jar will utilize a number of herbs and poisons that draw misery and misfortune.

You may also use this ritual when separating a toxic couple, such as abusers, but I will not indulge in separating otherwise perfectly happily and healthy couples for the sake of petty grievances or your lust and desire for one of them. 

The jar will be deployed within 24-48 hours of purchase. You will be given picture/video of either service simply for your own documentation and intrigue.

Separation Ritual

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