This particular blend of Shi Shi oil is a conquering and wealth oil that obliterates obstacles, blockages and setbacks. Shi Shi draws wealth and opportunity to the user and is reputed for helping with escaping poverty as well as reversing bad luck and adversity.

Shi Shi is ideal for those looking to make major moves and changes in their lives, especially when it comes to drawing money continuously and providing financial stability. This oil can be heavy and transformative so use it when you mean it and will work hard to achieve your objectives.

Shi Shi is an oil that demands a lot from its users because it grants power, luck, conquest, excellence in all efforts and does not apologize for its existence, and nor should you. It makes you not only believe but understand you possess the asé necessary to conjure up your wildest dreams.

Shi Shi works best when used in money rituals concerning abundance, treasure, riches and large sums of money. It's advisable to do cleansing and road opening work prior to using Shi Shi so you can maximize results

Shi Shi