Siren oil will snare anyone’s attention with its hypnotizing powers and vastly improve their seductive behaviors and esteem. This particular blend inspires others to want to be in your presence more frequently and fills you with a powerful, assertive aura of attraction. You can use this oil when you aim to captivate people with your charm and brilliance.
Siren oil helps leave a positive lingering impression of you in the minds of others, so lightly wear it in the presence of a crush or others your wish to influence.

Siren's energy can be intense, a little oil will do. Add drops to your bathwater and soak right before going out to a club or party, visualizing being filled with a glorious red glow. You may even experience slight tingles at first on different parts of your bodies (such as in your arms) as you adjust to the oil’s sharp, focalized energy. Any anxiety you’ve collected that day will be drowned in the Water.
Another fun technique to imprint seductive thoughts on others: rub Siren oil on your palms to leave an enchanting trace on everything you touch. Siren oil captures the festive and flirty aspects of romance, which makes it a suitable companion oil for those not seeking long-term commitments.

Because Siren oil revels in delights, it can help you or a lover gently overcome self-imposed inhibitions that create barriers to happiness. This can be a powerful tool to use for job networking opportunities as well.
If you are a musician or a dancer, you can use Siren oil to spiritually enhance the strength, clarity, and success of your performances. For good luck in your shows, rub a drop or two in your heart center. For inspiration, rub a drop on your throat or behind your ears. Fall in love with your work. Who doesn't love a good show?
Siren oil mixes well with other oils for conditions you’d like to “sing” or seduce into your life. For fun, experiment with any of these: Money, Essence of Bend Over, 333 Artisan, Mermaid, or Blessings, I'm A Snack

Siren oil is available until January 1, 2021.

Siren Oil

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