This Marriage Oil is used to enhance the love, sweetness, and bonds of married and engaged couples or other long-term committed relationships that you're looking to bless.

My Sweet Bae encourages you and your partner(s) to be gentler with one another, and to speak your words calmly and compassionately. It will strengthen the binds of fidelity and passion between you sobthat you remember how to love each other and why you did so in the first place.

This oil will softly remove negative emotional influences so as anger, aggression, and harshness and welcomes in generosity, serenity and elevation. It will raise vibrations to more ecstatic levels and pour in positive feelings of warmth and domesticity. 

Blend into lotion or massage oil and rub your partner down with it while speaking endearing words over them and the relationship. This works excellently with sweetening jar petitions or any ongoing love work within an existing relationship.

Sweet Bae