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Taurus oil heightens all of the aspects of the smooth and mighty Bulls they are well known for: luxury, stability, persistence and sheer power. Taurus is a sign that loves to self-indulge and wallow fully in the power of all 5 fucking senses - so use this oil when engaging in any personal act of pleasure (be it eating, kissing, taking a bubble bath, etc) to heighten the delightfulness of the experience. Taurus being an earth sign reminds us to stay in the moment and experience it fully. Much slower than the prancing and charging Aries that came before us.

Use Taurus oil in matters of domesticity, such as cleaning, cooking, laundry to see them through to the end. Taurus is persistent that way and keeping a calm home is an especial trait of Tauruses. Rub this oil all over your doorknobs and windowsill with prayers of peace and fierce protection for your home - or whatever environment you believe requires a little more quiet.

Tauruses are conservative but excellent and dependable individuals and posses quietly magnetic personalities. This oil can be used in efforts where you are seeking to make new friends, connections or stabilize and strengthen existing relationships, be it romantic or platonic. This oil is particularly formulated to relieve anxiety, which makes it perfect to wear when socializing with others. It's sultry cool earthly scent aids in grounding, for even the spaciest among us.

While Taurus oil isn't exactly love drawing, it adds a powerful sensual flair to eroticizing all of your sexual encounters. It makes a great companion to any ritual or working that is focused on love, romance, passion, and unbridled pleasure. No one knows better than a Taurus how to indulge in ritualistic and radical ecstasy of self-pleasure.

And what kind of Taurus don't love their COINS? They will work hard for ALL their money, hoard it like an angry dragon, and have an uncanny skill materializing money out of thin air. So of course this oil can double as a money drawing oil, and it's good to use when looking for opportunities to make more money in order to have a stable life (such as a new job or seeking a raise). You can also use it to protect against poverty and loss of money.

Taurus Oil



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