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Temptress is a love-drawing and success oil for lesbians and bisexual women. It increases the love and affection between women. If you are already in a relationship, you can use this oil to increase depth and sexual intimacy. It’s also designed to promote the giving and receiving of sensuality and softness during loving exchanges, to help you express a desire words often fail.


Temptress oil can be used in serious love rituals but also when you want to feel flirty, carefree, and wild. The depths of a woman’s love is expansive beyond imagination – Temptress enhances it in your life from all directions. It will reawaken “springtime” feelings in you – stirring up your passions, courage, and self-assurance. Lovers and kindred spirits will be compelled to you.

There’s more than meets the eye to Temptress oil, however. I’ve created it to possess a specific healing quality of repairing the damage from heartbreak. If you are in emotional mourning from the ending of your relationship, apply Temptress oil to your heart area, seeing it soaking up the grief and dispensing it into nothingness. It will also drive away evil eye and negative people (it’s likely going to drive men away as well, so keep that in mind).



❤️Suggested ideas for use:❤️

-Anoint the back of your personal handheld mirror and recite affirmations to cast a glamor on yourself

-Anoint the bottom of your lipgloss/stick to make your words more enticing to all ears

-Dab oil on your nail polish while visualizing your desires to make your hands prosperous

-Add a drop or two to your heel/soles (shoes are fine too) to invigorate your power and confidence

-Burn on red candles when you need: ambition, dynamism, assertiveness, and psychic defense.




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