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*When anointing oneself/objects, petitions, and doing spells related to the matters below

-Venus oil attracts love, friendship and kinship into your circle that will ripple the vibration of love through all the webs and connections born of it, from words and wishes, to quiet prayers and dreams and looks. None can be unmarked by the influential arm of its touch.

-Promotes beauty, youth, fidelity and rituals or affirmations related to such things. VENUS oil can bless all chakras for those who do chakra work.

-Venus oil brings benediction over legal and contractual matters (Venus rules Libra) and increases the spiritual fidelity of the agreements of all involved parties. Use it before signing new leases, forming employment contracts, handling legal or justice work, or committing to a dedication of marriage

-Venus oil bestows protection on your union and stimulates growth in your romantic relationships (all relationships tbh). It strengthens bonds and commitment, and it helps preserve the love you have for further nurturing.


*How the oil's powers may manifest in your life experiences

-Deepened connections with the environment and the people in your space, including ancestral and divine energies, emanating from the love vibration of Venus oil

-Increased feelings of passion, self-love, fertility, exhilaration and euphoria, open-heartedness, grace, and sensuality. Venus oil makes you see the world through rose-colored lens.

-Promotes the ARTS in all of its forms and other related projects. Venus oil opens the Road of Attraction that you can call upon to spotlight your art and remove the effects of jealous and hateful eyes

-Venus oil influences all that is pleasurable in your life. It governs your fashion and aesthetics, appreciation of material goods, and the manner in which you must be loved/treated.

-Venus oil opens the way to sophistication, elegance, and luxury.

Misc. Spiritual Info for Venus Oil

Number: 7

Colors: Green

Day: Friday

Stones: Emerald, turquoise

Venus Oil

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