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Banishing Your Way to a Better Life

GTFO is a Banishing oil of mine that is really way more aggressive than it looks. It packs a lot of literal heat and can be used to send away undesired conditions or, more likely, undesirable people.

This oil is so strong I myself use it lightly because I've been made to respect its power. It works extremely fast and unapologetically and acts as a medium of change, of movement.

Occasionally, some folks include it on their petitions in their weight loss and dieting journeys. This is fine, although do be careful and do NOT bite off more than you can chew (as some clients will warn you). Set reasonable goals.

This oil is a general Banishing oil, the opposite twin of Cling to Me. I've used it in hexing work involved on making people...disappear. 🤐 I've also used it to anoint bills I didn't want to keep paying in order to speed up the process of getting rid of them or (in the case of utilities) to reduce the costs, while adjusting my budget accordingly.

It protects against negativity, wards whatever it is anointed upon and calls on nothing but the element of fire to accomplish it's objectives. If using on the body, I would advise to use only a drop or so at MOST on pulse points.

"Rid me of spiritual attack. Remove those lingering, insidious attachments on my spirit.

Remove hostility, anger, violence, and poison from my life and my environment.

Incinerate all harm against me.

Banish that which threatens the security of me and my family.

Keep me safe from danger."

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