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How To Do Love Magic: Basic Tips

Love spell in progress

Love work can be messy and complicated because there are an abundance of rituals to accomplish so many things. You can get lost in volumes of research along the way because much of the information is fascinating.

Here are some general tips to keep in mind when doing a Love spell of any sort:

Colors associated with love: orange (sexual passion); pink (love, romance, friendship); red (lust, sensuality);  purple (for romance/power); black when used for domination

Numbers associated with love:

2 (for pairs)

3 (for poly and open relationships)

5 (associated with sex and dynamic change)

8 (for infinity/eternity)

Timing for love work:

-Friday is most often associated with being the most beneficial day for love work

-New Moon

-When the clock hand is moving upwards

Objects commonly used in love spells: (2) needles, hearts, rings (and jewelry in general) rose quartz, amethyst, red ribbons, flannel, silk, wishbone, ropes, underwear and socks, honey, dragons blood, handmade dolls, mirrors, lodestones

Botanicals generally associated with love spells:

Adam&Eve root (resembles the respective genitals), catnip, basil, cardamom, oakmoss, vervain, bloodroot, damiana, chamomile, rose, poppy, rosemary, iris, thyme, jasmine, jezebel root, orchids, mint, juniper, oakmoss, gardenia, hyacinth, hibiscus, honeysuckle, chocolate, lavender.

Bathe your hands in a rose water (or related love herb) before doing such spells or making tools to increase their efficacy and power.

Basic Aphrodisiacs in love spells: chocolate, champagne, peppers, mint, saffron, radishes shellfish, vanilla, cinnamon, clove, cherries, peaches, pomegranates, grapes and figs.

Love spells require intimate belongings and storing them in intimate places. Be prepared to handle hair, nails, teeth, semen, pubes, signanture, etc. Be prepared to stash gris gris and other charms in underwear, underwear drawers, closets, pillows, under the bed and other random places a ritual may instruct of you.

Always dress for the occasion!

Condition oils traditionally associated with Love spells

-Come to Me/Come See Me/Come Get Me



-Commanding/Compelling oils

-Follow Me Boy/Girl



-Do As I Say


Categories of love spells: love drawing, binding, break-up and divorce, fidelity, love potions, heartbreak, sex/lust, seduction, virility spells, reconciliation.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it's enough to point most of you in the right direction.

Good luck either way!

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