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Magical Uses of Moon Oil

*When anointing oneself/objects, petitions, and doing spells related to the matters below


-attunes us with the Full Moon and its vibrations

-inducing psychic dreams and facilitating sleep

-supports blessed works related to family, children, marriage, fertility, cycles, secrets, and agriculture


Magical Energy of Moon Oil

*How the oil's powers may manifest in your life experiences


-Heightened intuition and overall awakening of all psychic senses

-Improved sleep cycles and spiritually supportive during dream travels/work - draws pure love

-Exploration of self-knowledge, deepened religiosity, and increased opportunities for spiritual development

-For challenging and shattering our personal fears

-For exposing your hidden enemies and bringing their actions to light

-Opens roads for fast money and related petitions


When to Use Moon Oil

*Most effective periods for capitalizing on the oil's spiritual effects



-Use primarily at night, at any point when moonrise begins until moonset. Use an offering to the Moon and its spirits.

-During Waxing period: use for strengthening family ties

During Waning period: use for banishing disagreements


Misc. Spiritual Info for Moon Oil

Number: 9

Element: Water

Colors: Silver, white

Day: Monday

stones: quartz, moonstone, pearl


Moon oil will be here until June 21!


Moon Oil

$30.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price


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