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Ancestor ritual oil when you need to seek wisdom and guidance from your ancestors or spirit guides. This oil facilitates connection between our realm and the spirit realm when doing ancestral work. It’s infused with potent herbs known for their spirit communication properties

Use as a memorial to someone you love. Use all year round. A great choice for funerals, crossing over ceremonies, memorials, Day of the Dead and All Hallow's Eve (Samhain).

Reaching out to our Ancestors also helps to give us a sense of belonging, and a deeper insight to who you are. In fact, spiritual gifts usually run through bloodlines… so if you’re struggling with yours, reach out to your Ancestors for guidance & strength. This form of Ancestral Magic can also aid in closure and grief.

The ancestor oil is used to anoint candles on your altar to honor your ancestors and build a better relationship with them. Ancestor oil is often used on altars as a way of remembering those that have passed. Use this oil when you're wanting to pay homage to ancestors.

Use this oil is on any white candle and directly on your altar. Add a few drops to tealights as well when you want to call upon your ancestors to hear your plea. Scents of tobacco and frankincense add extra connective energy to this oil.

💀 Ancestral Communication.

💀 Ancestral Guidance.

💀 Spirit Contact.

💀 Seeking Ancient & Forgotten Knowledge.

💀 Seeking Wisdom.

💀 Familiar Belonging.

💀 Grief & Closure.

Ancestor Oil



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