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Bewitchment is a Compelling oil, which has a gentler touch than the other commanding oils as it makes your words and presence more engaging and harder to resist. Often, compelling oil is used to recall promises, debts, and favors owed to you. This particular blend is also imbued with energies that compel the truth out of others as well as making them stop lying to you. When using Bewitchment on a target, they will find it difficult to break their promises to you.When you want to invoke a sensual and alluring aura about yourself, Bewitchment will ensnare the attention of others so smoothly that you'll find you easily are the only commanding presence in the room. This oil will make your words more persuasive, your suggestions more inviting, and your energy more enchanting.In the same vein, Bewitchment adds a delectable flair to rituals of love and sex matters. You can add this oil to any color candles for matters concerning romance and passion. The drawing energy of Bewitchment will make others look upon you in adoration.Its compelling powers make Bewitchment ideal for recalling loans and debts owed to you, and by extension, functions as a money-drawing oil. You can use it any situation involving influencing money to come to you.Sold as a curio.




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