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Sometimes we want the universe to drop pleasant surprises in our laps and that's what Blessings oil is for. Use this oil for improving health, wealth, luck, travels, mood, or even simply clearing negativity and opening up room for beneficial energies and protection. This is a great oil to use if you want to speak blessings over someone else.Why might you want an oil such as this? Because it's fun to see the beauty the universe has waiting to shower us with and we invoke the power of this oil to call those good fortunes down.It's flexibility allows it to stand in places of other condition oils. It brings financial blessings for those who need relief or growth from financial woes, so pray for abundance when applying this oil.You may use Blessings oil when you need protection while you're traveling to deflect harm and risk. If you want more positive opportunities in your career or to chase your dreams, ask Blessings oil to summon them to you. It can be used when petitioning for good health, sound mind, drawing peace and stability, encouraging swift and steady luck and beckoning beneficial energies to you.Sold as a curio.




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