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Cancer oil walks into a room, bringing all the grace and elegance, smoothly blending into the environment. Like the Water sign itself, this oil adapts to any situation and throws a shine on it. This is the oil of the Divine Feminine.
Like the motherly and nurturing sign they are, Cancer oil can be used to invoke powerfully protective powers and can be worn like a shield on the skin. More than just that, however, it also uplift you and folks you with vigor, enthusiasm for self, and provides a comforting energy you will feel vibrating quietly through your spirit.
As Water is the most powerful force of nature, Cancer oil will add power to your day, to your prayers, and to your rituals but with a little bit of sweetness to them. For example, you may receive money for a money ritual using Cancer oil but you may feel strongly compelled to donate a portion of it or use it to cook a lovely meal for your family.
Speaking of family, it is the forefront of Cancer oil. Cancer oil can be used to enhance all of your relationships - platonic, business, financial, romantic, etc - and you may find pink, purple, blue candles and colors work best with this oil.
Use it in petitions for stability, abundance, cleansing, and protection. Cancers are very devoted signs, so any workings focused on devotion, loyalty and truth would resonate well with this oil's energy. You may find yourself being a little more domestic in your tasks when wearing the oil. You may also notice people will be more honest and open with you.
Cancer oil can be used to uplift your mood, warm your feelings, refresh your bonds with others, and relieve anxiety by helping you focus and trance, which also makes it good for divination. It will dispel your fear and wrap you in feelings of courage.
Cancer oil is your mom friend. And she loves your ass and will be with you until the end.

Cancer oil is available until July 22nd.

Cancer Oil

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