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Candle work and light setting ceremonies can be dedicated to whatever goal you wish, including success, protection, good fortune, and general wellbeing. you may also perform this service on behalf of someone other than yourself, such as a family member, spouse, friend, etc. Keep the petition request brief. 


Select if you'd like the 3-day or 9-day candle service first. From there, you can decide if you want to have up to 3 candles burning for your petition at a time. Make your selection purely on your own intuition and need. 


Candles will be dressed and anointed by me, and I will select the oil and herb combinations I feel are most suited towards your request. I will also select the appropriate candle colors.


Once the candles are prepared, they will be lit to burn uninterrupted for the prescribed amount of days. The candles will be prayed over *at least* once a day. I will discard the work remnants securely.


You will receive a name-stamped photo(s) and a short write-up regarding your candle service via email (or facebook if you are on there!), following service completion. The photos are keepsakes/memorabalia for you, of course.


Sample Reasons for Candle Work
-better business, steady work, money

-road openers, blockbusters, obstacle remover

-protection while traveling or out of town

-uncrossing, reversal, breaking hexes or other spiritual attacks

-financial increase/stability

-love drawing, beauty, attraction, seduction

-courtcases and legal luck

-blessing of a union, marriage

-psychic and dream protection

-house blessing

-heartbreak, healing, happiness

-power, confidence, dominance

Candle Work



Price Options
One-time purchase
Candle of the Month
$25.00every month until canceled
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