Modeled after the famous St. Cyprian – the sorcerer-saint – this oil is used for breaking and repelling hexes and destructive magic and confers shields against malevolent sorcery and psychic attacks. If you’re traveling or do so frequently, keep this oil on hand to provide protection while on the road, air, or a body of water. Rub some oil on a discreet spot in your car and a little on each passenger to protect from danger when on the road travelig long distances.
In addition, for those who seek protection from the law and legal issues can tap into the power of this formula. Pat a drop on any legal documents or petition paper where you want to sway legal favor to you. Cipriano was described as a person of great charm and magnetism, so this oil helps you become the embodiment of those traits. Cipriano is also an excellent oil for those who are entrepreneurial and have a knack for making money out of almost anything. Odd, quirky or unsual businesses or business ideas are great companions for this oil to help bring you money and work, which should be a cinch seeing as how you have that charm and magnetism 😉. Wear the oil behind the ear lobes and the neck.
Those who work with Cyprian or are followers may use this oil in their petitions as well. This formula aids in rituals concerning learning the mysteries of the occult – apply in situations where you want to be given clarity, techniques and secrets regarding sorcery.
Other ideas for using Cirpiano oil:
-If under spiritual attack, burn on red or black candles with a petition for protection and reversal of the assaults.
-Rub Cipriano oil on your luggage handles to recall them to you so they don't get lost during travels and flights
-Burn on white or purple candles over a photo of yourself for an adidtional boost of power. Uurn on pink candles when trying to bring out your magnetism or romantic prospects.
-To stimulate travel in your life, anoint yourself when searching for such deals or anoint brochures or images of countries/monuments/places you wish to visit.
-To protect against psychic attack, anoint your temples.
-To sweeten your words in another's ears, rub Cipriano oil on your throat. When compelling truth or love from someone, apply the oil around your heart area first.
-If you have an odd or quirky business, bless your products with Cipriano to magnetize attention and popularity.  If you have a place of business, apply the oil on your doors, cashier stations, and at the bottom of product displays.
-Wear Cipriano prior to giving any speeches or presentations so that your words hold more power/influence and you have a stronger captivation of others' attention.
Sold as a curio.