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Come To Me Oil is everyone's number one go-to for love spells.  Anoint a love spell candle or (red/pink) figural candles. Choose one candle to represent yourself and another your intended partner, write your desires on a petition paper and place under the candles. Dress them with Come to Me oil and burn them together while visualizing your partner in your arms.

Come to Me oil will help you bond with the one you want and leave them under your control; you will interfere with their thoughts and you will appear into their dreams, making the craving even stronger.

This Come to Me condition oil is used to make anyone obsessed, attracted and drawn to you. You can apply it for many purposes, such as recovering the partner who left home; recovering a relationship by separation, either distance or by third parties, parents, enemies, envy, ex-partners, lovers or anything that stays in your way to love.

Come to Me oil assists in attracting the attention of a specific or general target, strengthening love in existing relationships, pulling in the objects or people of your desires, increasing attractiveness and irresistibility, boosting self-love and confidence, drawing intended people, partners, situations, and opportunities towards you.


-Anoint your lover's photo weekly to make them appear

-Anoint the inside the band of your lover's hat to make them think of returning to you

-Add 21 drops of Come To Me oil to your bath water before you enter. At some point during your bath, immerse yourself under the water, and in your mind picture yourself being immersed in waves of love. Air dry.

Come to Me

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