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Condition lamps are an alternative to candles and can be a bit more complex in their style. My lamps are filled with either a carrier oil blended the appropriate herbs/flowers or is a full pour from one of my Master Jars of condition oil.

The wick is soaked with oil and prayer and lit. Burn times vary depending on the lamp size, anywhere from 2-hours to 12 hours. I often re-fill and repray the lamp as it's burning to extend its progress.

You can set a lamp for anything, so keep your petition short and clear. Provide thr name of the person the lamp is for and birthdate.

Examples of lamps can be:

-protection from enemies


-love drawing, seduction

-blockbusters and obstacles removers

-heartbreak, heart healing, happiness

-steady work, better business, prosperity

-traveling protection

-house blessing

-legal luck and courtcases

-banishing (a person or thing/trait)

-marriage, fidelity, blessing of a union/partner


-psychic and dream protection

-financial stability/increase


-repairing bad luck

You may also request lamps made entirely of an existing condition oil (Mermaid, Crown, Money, etc). These pours are roughly about 2-4 vials worth of oil.

Take some time to consider your spiritual needs before making any decision. Ask your spiritual court for clarity in your decision-making.

You will receive a name-stamped photo and a brief report after services have concluded. These are for you to keep and do as you please. Please allow 3-5 days to begin lamp work, so factor this into your timing.

Select 1 Day if: you are already working your own manifestations but would like support. This is good for general positive blessings and more immediate situations.

Select 3 Days if: your case requires more time and energy than you are willing to put into it. These petitions should be for emerging events (aiming for a promo, going on a weekend date, grand openings, raising money, etc).

Select 9 Days if: your petition is substantive. A single 9 day ritual can continue to manifest for months up to a year. This is suitable for long term works of protection/shielding, business, existing relationships, breaking hexes, generating forms of abundance, good harvest

I will choose the appropriate sized lamp for you based off your need, but if you have one preferred that's pictured above, please let me know!

Condition Lamps



Price Options
One-time purchase
Condition Lamps
$15.00every month until canceled
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