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This oil helps you obtain desired goals and milestones such as promotions, interviews, and other opportunities. Crown is excellent for making career moves, drawing money continuously, and opening avenues for success to come into your life. Crown is the quintessential oil of victory and glory. This formula is a powerful combination of energies designed to clear your paths and enhance 5 key areas in your life: money, luck, prosperity, protection, and opportunity. It adorns your head with gold and glory and empowers success into everything you do. Crown of Success promises you a lot if you're willing to work hard to make your dreams and goals come to fruition. It will bring aggressive change into your life when you are feeling stuck and channel inspiration to you so that you can change your situation. It will encourage you to explore every option because you never know what rich opportunities lie beneath the surface. People can use Crown of Success when pursuing promotions and rewarding job opportunities. It can be anointed on your master resume to increase the chances of receiving beneficial employment opportunities. It confers protection from poverty and devastating loss. And if you're facing the events already, Crown is an oil for a quick thinker and quicker doer. It pushes you to stand out from your competition by highlighting your best features. It seeks to make you recognized for your hard work.If you feel your business has been has been stagnant or you want to take it to the next level, Crown of Success leaps at the challenge to make you shine. Anoint and bless objects like your cash register, bank receipts, checkbooks, work desk/computer and even company vehicles to open up opportunities for your company and increase sales and positive attention. Crown of Success isn't an oil for the lazy. It reminds us there is no glory without fighting for it. It will tell you that your dreams DO matter and that you should pursue them in order to live in your divine truth.Sold as a curio.

Crown of Success



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