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This is a commanding oil that is used to imprint your influence on those around you, although coercively typically and with a focus on your verbal commands and to make people listen to you. Oftentimes, DAIS oil is used in relationship matters, love workings, and legal concerns. Place this oil on objects that your target will touch.One application for manifesting whatever you desire is to rub DAIS oil on your throat chakra and speak your goals and wants into the air, preferably the wind, and speak with a little force. Then wait for your desires to be realized.You can use DAIS in love and legal work to control the outcome of any legal decision and to heighten the outcomes of success where personal relationships are concerned by bending people to your will.DAIS oil challenges and develops your manifesting skills by forcing you to rely on the power of your voice to command existence into changing itself for your needs. This is the core belief that powers our spiritual work and ups our chances of positive outcomes.It is an excellent oil to use for those who do a lot of public speaking, working in retail and customer-facing positions, and dealing with difficult and undiplomatic persons.Sold as a curio.

Do as I Say



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