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Eclipse oil is our cosmic helping hand of the universe. Its power can help us transcend individual boundaries and transform our daily lives with positive habits.


Use Eclipse oil in your rituals as a magic amplifier – “from your lips to god’s ears”. In addition, its spiritual formula possesses profound capacities for healing magic and eases the pain of traumas.

Eclipse oil increases your intuitive awareness and psychic ability. It anchors in a new maturity gained from previous experiences and cycles, allowing you to process negative memories to have closure.


Eclipse oil opens a new gateway of energy within you that is productive, active, and positive.

You will fall into the natural rhythm of life with continued use of Eclipse oil. Gold and silver candles are best suited to work with Eclipse oil, but white and black candles will be suitable when performing (emotional) cleansing-type rituals. You can also use the gold candles with this oil in works of abundance or quick financial luck.


To increase your psychic awareness, use purple candles or adorn in purple garments. Use Eclipse oils on your Ancestor shrines to pray for their elevation, to help spirits move on to better places, to bring about positive changes on either side (living and dead), and to heal family wounds that transcend time and spaces.


Use Eclipse oil in any ritual that focuses on mental, spiritual, or psychic healing and to break cycles of bad habits. Trust whatever is unfolding in your life – as a natural cycle of transformation for a higher purpose.


Good luck breaking boundaries!





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