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This is a commanding oil used for bringing others under your control or making people more subservient to you. It's especially effective when used by people who are naturally subordinate and or in such positions, so they can gain the upper hand when necessary.

EBO oil is on the aggressive side of commanding oils and a lot less forgiving of others' mistakes and indiscretions, so apply when working with particularly difficult people like bosses you don't like or errant lovers as the oil attempts to subvert the will of another and make them more compliant to you.

It's forcefulness stamps out unwelcome attitudes and behaviors and can be added to sour jars and on petitions in sweetening jars.

Bend Over radiates intense commanding power that even others in your presence cannot help falling under your spell.

Thus, it can be useful when attempting to influencing firms, institutions and people you need to impress, such as interviewers.

You can also use Essence of Bend Over when you need to have a stronger command over certain forces or conditions, such as drawing money or luck to you and can be used jointly with many condition oils and various petitions to give them a strong, steady and sometimes explosive boost.

Purple, black and red candles resonate best when working this oil alone. You can place the candle over a picture of your target while commanding them to behave as you desire.

If you're a teacher or professor, rub Essence in the classroom seats so students will be easier to manage. Wear Essence of Bend Over when meeting new clients and when handling more difficult personalities. If you want to be more persuasive at work, rub Essence of Bend Over on your pulse points, your throat and temples so your thoughts and actions exude influence.Sold as a curio.

Bend Over



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