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The Evil Eye is an active, malignant spiritual condition that negatively affects an individual’s life due to the destructive intentions of its caster; the sum a human’s of ill-will for another delivered a single glance. The Evil Eye is deployed both intentionally ( as in jealousy) and involuntary.


The effects of Evil Eye are especially plaguing. Often, targets are struck with sudden calamities when life was going really well. They may experience a sudden litany of problems in their lives and major upheavals. Consistent bad luck, wasting illnesses, apathy and sudden depression, lack of energy and slow manifestations may be other symptoms.


Evil Eye oil counteracts the malice, envy, misfortune and general malaise accompanied by the Eye in a couple of ways. The oil deflects hostile magic directed at you, thus returning the Eye to its source (“blinding” it) or repelling it in another direction.


Evil Eye oil further aids in averting imminent danger and removes the spiritual blockages caused specifically by the Eye. A high feature of this oil is to assist in the curing of the curses and bewitchment caused by the Eye -- and further deflect them in the future.


Evil Eye oil also functions as a preventative. That is to say, it prevents you from contracting Evil Eye by offering protection with a duration of approximately a month for an individual with few enemies. It wanes more quickly if you are actively under spiritual assaults so frequent use is encouraged.


Actively burn this oil on your shrine candles and use in washes to cleanse and purify your belongings. It pairs exceptionally well with rituals involving mirrors, return to sender work, purification.


Black, white, red, green and blue candles are best suited for Evil Eye oil. Choose according to your intentions and the situation you’re trying to resolve. Green candles may be best for health and money issues where blue may be for protecting against lies (or the truth).


Evil Eye

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